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We appreciate your interest, we call you to work with us as a bilingual consultant. Please follow the instructions bellow:


1.Here you will find a text of reading comprehension. Read and analyze the text, if you understand it please continue with the second point.


3G stands for third generation voice and data transmission via mobile phone via UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System or Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service).

The services associated with the third generation provides the ability to transfer both voice and data (a telephone call or video call) and non-voice data (such as downloading programs, exchange emails and instant messaging).

Although this technology was aimed at the mobile, in recent years, mobile operators offer internet exclusive USB modem, without having to purchase a mobile phone, so any computer can have access to the Internet. There are some ultraportable devices such as (netbooks) that incorporate built-in modem on the computer itself, but require a SIM card (which carry mobile phones) to use, so in this case it is necessary to be discharged with a phone number.


2. Download the Curriculum Vitae. format , fill it entirely and send it to the e-mail: convocatoriasutherland@genteestrategica.edu.co



Thanks for your interest and participation in this process.



Si consideras que no cumples con los requisitos para esta convocatoria,

te invitamos a enviar tu hoja de vida a hojadevida@genteestrategica.edu.co



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